Master Class

A nourishing deep dive into the history, science & impacts of Sound Healing.

⌲ Option 1: $432
Pre-register and pay in full.

⌲ Option 2: $528
Pay in two parts, hold my spot + pay remaining.
Hold your space with a deposit of $264.

Course Details
SAT // June 26 
SUN // June 27 

11am – 2pm (PST)

⌲ Zoom account
⌲ Headphones
⌲ Notebook & something to write with
⌲ An open mind


Who is the Master Class for?

For those who are new or seasoned to Sound Healing–wanting to discover, embody, understand, perform, connect, and/or feethis sacred and scientific art fluently. This course is to share my years of in-depth sound knowledge of research, practice, and wisdom with you.

Packaged into an interactive and easy to understand two day virtual course, followed by a one on one in-depth phone consultation with Eric Mellgren.

More details on our class and our curriculum can be found below.

What is the focus of the class?

Broadening the knowledge of the history, science, and impacts of Sound Healing.


What can I expect from the class?

⏀ Discover the History and Science
⏀ Become Knowledgeable and Confident
⏀ Instructional Videos
⏀ Practice Essential Techniques
⏀ Start Your Own Journey
 As a Bonus upon class registration, receive discounted prices of up to 20% OFF on instruments such as:
⌲  Crystal Bowls
⌲  Tibetian Bowls
⌲  Koshi Chimes
⌲  Accessories (Mallets, Bags, etc)

The Curriculum

Day 1
Lesson 1 
⌲ What is Sound Healing?

Lesson 2 
⌲ History

Lesson 3 
⌲ Science & Biology

Lesson 4 
⌲ Instruments

Day 2 
Lesson 4 
⌲ Instruments Cont.

Lesson 5
⌲ Sound for Therapy

Lesson 6
⌲ Frequencies

Lesson 7
⌲ Bonus Materials + Invaluable insight and perspective that you can apply to your sound healing journey.

One-on-One Post Class Consultation
⌲ Questions
⌲ Feedback
⌲ Building your set
⌲ Start your journey