What is The Middle Branch?

The Middle Branch is on a mission to teach the benefits of meditation, fitness, and diet, and how these can be used to help heal the mind and body. Whether affected by emotional or mental difficulties, or physical dysfunction, you can give your mind and body the optimal avenues to heal by not obstructing their natural processes, by giving them a strong foundation to do their job.

While considering the popular concept of mindfulness, Eric (founder of The Middle Branch) recognizes that it must apply to each of us in every aspect, not just as an extension of meditation, but awareness in our physical fitness and diet, as well. As a result, he came to the conclusion that the idea of being mindful stands for something new and unique – MNDFL stands for something more:

Meditation + Natural Healing + Diet + Fitness = Lifestyle

MNDFL is an equation and a method. By following this method you give back to yourself in ways that build the foundation of healing and happiness

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